Friday, June 29, 2012

How can I remove Citadel virus?

Citadel virus a banking trojan that seems to be similar to Zeus Trojan. Be aware that this threat is released to help scammers steal online baking details, like loggins and other information. Because of its 'open source' development model, Citadel has rapidly infected numbers of PC users. That's not a surprising fact at all if you know that scammers are provided with all important information, like release notes or user manual afer they purchase this trojan.
Citadel virus starts its misleading campaign when it gets on the system. In short, it displays alert that seems to be sent by FBI or other reputable government service and declares that you have to pay a fine because of copyright and related rights violation. In addition, victim is accused for distributing copyrighted content, viewing porno and spreading malware. To look more concincing, virus displays user's real IP address and additionally asks him to pay a fine using his credit card. 
If you have also been included into such misleading campaign, there is a huge possibility that you are infected with Citadel virus. In order to fix your computer, you must remove Citadel virus from your computer. We recommend using automated tools that will find and remove infected files for you.

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